About us

Parvaz Shargh Pasargad, with over a decade of successful experience in tourism and airline industries, has represented several well-known airlines as their General Sales Agent in Iran, providing them with full marketing, sales, partner travel agencies, tours and airport services cover.

Professional history:

Our partnership with AirAsia, the biggest airline in Malaysia, as its General Sales Agent started in 2010 when they established their long-haul, low-cost services between Kuala Lumpur and Tehran for the first time. Ever since, by maintaining a successful balance between service quality and their ticket fares, AirAsia has grown to be the best low-cost airline operator in the world for many years running. Parvaz Shargh Pasargad has been connecting Iran to AirAsia’s vast network in Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Australia, and New Zealand.

Through a company makeover shortly after suspension of AirAsia flights to Iran in 2012, the company afforded, with Parvaz Shargh Pasargad resources to acquire the official GSA title for flydubai, AirAsia X and Thai AirAsia X in Iran between 2013 to 2018.

It is noteworthy, that although the majority of the foreign carrier have suspended their services to Iran, our customers in Iran can buy AirAsia tickets on a SOTO basis.

In addition to being a provider of Aviation, Tourism and Airport Services with international standards, Parvaz Shargh Pasargad has extended its activities by offering end-to-end commercial and personal cargo services.

Throughout the years, as an entrepreneur, Parvaz Shargh Pasargad has always aimed to distinguish itself by broadening its horizons. Having said that, in light of the COVID 19 pandemic and the necessity of avoiding crowded airport terminals, our company will soon unveil its new product aiming to provide a stress-free air travel experience under the name VIB.

Parvaz Shargh Pasargad has also added Medical Tourism into its field of activities by establishing

IRAN IPD Company as a Medical Tourism service provider, connecting patients in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia to the best medical facilities in Iran.